City Breaks in Cyprus

While many people will think of luxury hotels in lake district as the epitome of an awe-inspiring European holiday, there is the notion that some other impressive locations are perhaps being overlooked. The Mediterranean, for example, is wonderful for vacationers who perhaps want something more than the quintessential, relaxed, fairly standard trip to the French winelands or perhaps your looking to stay somewhere a little luxury and different like a city break. Holidays in Cyprus are always guaranteed to offer a look into the culturally enriched lives of the Mediterranean people as well as some well-deserved, and probably much-needed, sun-soaking.

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Perhaps the most appealing aspect of a trip to Cyprus is the inherent knowledge that you can have a memorable holiday that costs a fraction of the price that you would expect. Situated right in the middle of the Nautical Cross section of the Mediterranean, Cyprus offers the perfect balance of Western and Eastern cultures and lifestyles. It truly is amazing to immerse oneself in two very different communities the Greek and Turkish inhabitants of the island.

The best way to enjoy the taste explosion that the island has to offer is to dive straight into the lip-smacking cuisine offered in the various restaurants dotted throughout Cyprus. It probably is a good idea to try a different restaurant almost every night -- although a few nibbles at bars and markets are definitely worthwhile. Although there are a few popular fast food joints for convenience, visitors should take the opportunity to explore the rich, earthy flavours of the local foods. An adventurous attitude is the best way to approach the experience.

Roaming around on foot is generally accepted as the most relaxed way to enjoy the laidback atmosphere that Cyprus offers. Taxis and hired cars are, however, quite affordable and offer tourists the opportunity to take a peek at historic landmarks and monuments that might not be quite within walking distance of each other. A wonderful way to approach the daily activities would be to visit one or two landmarks on any given day, and spend the rest of the time soaking up some gorgeous rays on one of Cyprus' welcoming beach fronts.

Cyprian nightlife has grown in reputation over the last few years. Bars, clubs and resort hangouts are in bountiful supply so a night out on the town is definitely recommended as something that all tourists should try. The Ayia Napa Resort is probably the most popular place for night owls to congregate as it is always bustling with activity and excitement.

While there are a few great hotels in Cyprus, the best way to enjoy the true, relaxed Cyprian experience comes from staying in a private apartment or villa. The Mediterranean experience is largely about the freedom and ability to enjoy life on your terms. Eat where and when you like, sight-see when you feel it is appropriate and lounge around on the beach as much as you find enjoyable. Thrill seekers can enjoy a wide variety of water sports while bookworms and culture addicts can soak up the ancient artwork and architecture that the area has to offer.